Mum Maintenance

* McGee Farm premium chrysanthemums are a custom to twice-a-day watering from our drip irrigation system. Unless your mum is in a very hot and sunny location one good watering per day will suffice. Placing a tray beneath the pot to hold some extra water will also help get the plant through to the next day's watering. So, WATER, WATER, WATER!

* Fertilizer is not necessary but it is okay to add some water soluble plant food such as Miracle Gro once a week in your regular watering.

* Mums are perennials, Meaning they will come back up after winter. If you want to plant your mum, do so as soon as you can so that the plant can have as much time as possible to establish a deep root system in your soil before the winter freezes come. Plant the mum in full sun the same depth as it is planted in the pot. Continue to water well as long as there is green foliage. When frost kills the foliage you may break it down, so that it is not noticeable in your garden, but leaving it on top the root system will help to protect it from freezing. Next year, hopefully the mum will return in early spring with new green shoots. Sometimes late freezes or frost may threaten these tender green stems so you may want to cover if the weather is cold at night. Throughout the summer, regular watering and fertilizer is needed.

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